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  • Cam sent you a message don't know if you got it or not, good to hear from you, wouldn't mind doing more riding this winter, not done quading yet though. Might have a couple polishing jobs for you coming up if your interested. Stay in touch, Jim
    Cam hows it going, hope you have been riding! Still doing any polishing? Got sled deck in need of make over.
    Hello just caught your thread on the Boss Seats how much and I understand the deadline is today

    Jsut wondering if you still have that polaris 250 quad that you posted for $500, If you do let me know I'm very interested in picking that up off of you. Let me know and maybe we can arrange to meet up, if you have any pictures taht would help. Email me at paulters@hotmail.com
    Hope fully we can work something out.
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