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    How can you tell if I’m a beta tester or not?
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    Lord Elon has provided. Goodbye Xplornet. This is before and after, and we were on Viasat’s satellite internet.
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    Lord Elon has expressed pity towards our wifi service and has invited us into his empire. -got the email today to start an account. North side of Buck Lake
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    Old dishy obsolete?
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    Camping season. 😁

    North side of Buck Lake?
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    undermount propane not filling completely

    2006 Triton trailer with 30lbs undermount propane tank. It was completely empty so I went to fill it this weekend. While fuelling, the fuel station's main tank, shut off (as it does when the tank is full) but there was nothing coming from the bleeder valve. The tank was only 3/4 full. Any...
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    Looking for a guide in the Comox area

    Looking for a guide in the Comox area Dec 28 and 29. 2 average mountain riders with new summits looking to experience the Island snow. We are set up with all avy gear. Thanks
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    Motorfist Redline boots?? is advertising new Redline Boots from Motorfist, but I don't see anything on Motorfist's website. Has anyone seen them?
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    Anybody have an eye on Revy's weather in the next few days?

    How do the weather guys read this?
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    Short rod- flex track. I'd there a difference?

    According to the specs of the 2014 summits, the "X" comes with the "short rod" track and the "SP" has the "flex track". I'm assuming they are the same thing?
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    Backup lights for enclosed trailer

    What's everyone using for back up lights? Not the loading lights, but the backing up a trailer at night, lights. I'm not sure I want to cut into the side for the Triton lights.
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    Ski Doo Fuel Caddy. How much does it hold?

    Who did you get yours thru? I'm in the market.
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    Heating an enclosed?

    I was standing in my 5th wheel bathroom looking at the vent and wondered if anyone has ever hooked one of those up to their trailer to suck out the humid air. heat + air movement might dry things off faster. Any thoughts?
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