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    Fernie Season 2021/2022

    Well the forecast is starting to show some snow, so here we go!
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    850 estart

    Anyone know where there might be a 850 estart kit for a 2021 Khaos? See it backordered until October
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    20 axys 800, no power at acc 12 v

    Mines an 850. The fuse is in the box. I tested power yesterday and it was a 14v. Lever was 14.7 ohm resistance. It only warmed up to a couple degrees yesturday in the shop. Out riding you can't even tell it was heated at all. Hand warmers you can barely hold your hand on and the lever won't even...
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    20 axys 800, no power at acc 12 v

    Yes the plug and play.
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    20 axys 800, no power at acc 12 v

    Wonder if that's the same one for my skinz lever that doesn't get hot.
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    Clutches Blew.

    That clutch there is the reason I sold my Cat. Way to common of a problem. Works great, but sketchy. Most guys are inspecting them thoroughly each ride. Usually they crack first. Have to get in there with mirrors to look at the sheaves. The new cluches look like yammy built them so hopefully...
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    2022 Polaris Pro RMK Matryx Slash Boost

    Buy, buy, buy. There's going to be a lot of cheap used sleds when I have to upgrade my kids sleds in a few years.
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    2022 Skidoo reveal

    Wonder how much warranty on the turbo this year? All I could find was up to 3 on select models
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    React shocks on non react arms

    Sell the arms and get the 36" set
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    Polaris Monarch bumper any good?

    Seems kinda light. Not sure if it really helps with impact. I had the old polaris extreme and it was super weak. Seems to be the same thickness of metal. Maybe stronger with the different tubing used? Anyone have one of these? Don't want to spend $300 just for grab handles and looks. Thanks
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    2021 Polaris Sled delivery?

    Wonder how many haven't showed up yet and how many showed up , but can ride because of no shocks.
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    Weird place for an electric outlet

    Why? Do you ride with your feet on top of the toe loops?
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    Best Polaris dealer near Revelstoke

    Thought this was about Polaris dealers not Skibooms?
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    SLP cooker can

    How's getting the cooker out with this setup? The one on the stock can.
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    Raised rear bumper

    Thanks for supplying me with some options
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