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  • hey how are you. its been a while. i sold my turbo m8 but got a 2012 limited m8 that i will be turboing soon. how about yourself. still thinking of putting a turbo on your sled? we will be heading out for our first trip in about two to three weeks. maybe i will se you there. stop by the shop sometime. we are fully stocked with hmk and all kinds of parts. if you need something for your sled let me know or just phone 780-488-6686 . thanks bruno
    hi how the heck are ya? just wanted to let you know that we recently opened up a show room and we changed our name to THE SLED SHOP and will be having an open house in the next week or two but i will let you know of an exact date. you are more than welcome to come see what we are up to and you can check out our web site at Edmonton Snowmobile Experts. shop phone number is 780-488-6686
    havnt talked to you in a while. just want to let you know were going to valemount on the 11th of nov. so if you see me there stop me.hope to see you there. thanks bruno. oh and my sled is completely rebuilt with a redesigned turbo system.
    hi p-zizz i didnt hook up with you in clamina. there might be one more trip this year on the 10 of april but not for sure yet. i will know more next week. ill keep you posted if your interested in going. are you still thinking turbo this summer? we will be putting together our own turbo kit but can still do twisted turbo kits.
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