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  • Hey how are u I think we rode last year together in mcbride we were the guys from Bonnyville at the teracana we are most likey going back in the Jan can't wait.
    Fernie has snow up high talking to some buudies that live there and they will take us to the west face of the mountian the ski hill is on. Should only be a couple more weeks can hardly wait. Tore my primary down and found Phu*ed rollers kinds weird I replaced the primary guts with 09 parts last year. Buddy thinks I just got a bad roller 1 out of 3 was bad lots of play. Tightened the track checked the oiler adjusted throttle and choke cable guess they streched a little over 2 years. Don't know why I never have it to the bar LOL. Cheers Man
    Oh man I am so ready to get out riding this year!...bring on the snow! we will have to try getting a ride in before christmas for sure!...Cheers Jay
    just wanted to say hi, been on here a few months and just looking to meet some more riders who wont mind a girl in pink in there group! lol dont be fooled i can ride!!!
    hey nos! if i remember right you rode with me at horsey creek back in january? Im the guy with the black M8 turbo.
    i did not bad, i was just running a stock tranny for now and i had my chip turned down a little bit, but I still got a 14.11 in a 1/4 mile!!! I beat a 2009 Z06 corvette haha
    I am no longer working with Weatherford, work for a company out of Houston, mainly down in the states or over seas.
    Ya that would be sweet, ive never been thwere, ive only been to valemount once. Were are you working now? Are you with the same company?
    Hey hows it going? do u or did u work for weatherford air drillers last late fall
    I am hoping to get out for a rip on the 10th or 11th of december..I am thinking Valemount, or Mcbride. There are a couple others that want to go out there.
    Chris your more then welcome to join in for a rip, I can show you around renshaw.
    Hey , I have been busy here, I have the family up visiting from Mex.. I want to go dirtbiking but I have to stay around the house because the baby is coming any day now! I will send a photo of my new ride to your email
    hey daarrin want to get out this weekend are u interested let me know, 403-304-0304
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