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    What are the best quads for out west in your opinion looking at ride quality,dependability and power Tks.

    Grizzly here too I have a 14 700 5000 kms no major problems just brakes rear bushings wheel bearings and fluid changes I too am still on the original belt. My ridding buddies all have 13/14 Can-Am 1000 all have had major issues with them and yea out on the trail no problem keeping up only time...
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    RV Solar Systems

    I got a Noma 100 watt with small/cheep controller from crappy tire last year seemed to work ok went out for a week and didn’t have to run the generator once but that being said it was sunny most days and I had new dual 6V batteries and furnace didn’t run much. Just used the stand on the panel...
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    Iridium plugs

    Anyone use iridium plugs? I have an 09 Electraglide just wondering if these plugs are worth the extra $$$ or just better off to stick with regular plugs.
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    Maxis Zillas vs ITP Blackwater

    Yea should have said putting them on a quad Grizzly 700 think I will go with the Blackwaters or another set of Bighorns
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    Most are paying above sticker price for new vehicles

    just bought a new suv Mazda Cx 5 was looking at used 2021 models and a used 21 with low kms was like $300 less than new had to order it but dealers would hardly haggle on used I have not got the vehicle yet but works for me don’t need it till next month and they tell me it will be here mid next...
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    Maxis Zillas vs ITP Blackwater

    Yea was kind of leaning toward the Blackwaters I have bighorns right now and liked them but would like to try something different
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    Maxis Zillas vs ITP Blackwater

    Have to take a look at them and yea soft sidewalls would suck in the mountains and even though I don’t go out there that often just take’s one sharp rock to ruin your day
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    Maxis Zillas vs ITP Blackwater

    Looking for anyone who has used eather of these tires. Used to ride in the mountains a lot but find my self at the lake more often now but still get out there from time to time. Just wondering what the Zillas would be like in rocky mountain terrain or what the Blackwaters would be like out at...
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    What's a 2012 honda Gold wing worth

    I would try market price of the bike + 50% of the cost of the kit if you find a buyer that is looking for a bike set up like this it would be worth more to him but no additional value to other buyers. If it doesn’t sell you could try removing the kit and selling them separately.
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    Grizzly or kingquad

    I would take issue with the word crappy I have a 2014 Grizzly and 3 friends that bought Outlander 1000 I have no problem keeping up with them off road I would even say the Grizzly is better in mud all machines are set up for trail riding no XMR or lifted mud bogers so I’m talking mostly stock...
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    Brian Jean

    Brian Jean is getting back into the UCP this is the guy the UPC needs for the next election if they run with Kenny it will be an NDP government again and it will be over for any motorized recreation on any crown land
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    Synthetic winch rope

    So wound up buying one from Amazon $40 lasted 3 years and lots of winching bought a new one this year different brand $30 but only used it a few times due to the dry year so not sure on it yet but happy with the first one way nicer to handle than cable easy to toss to a friend stuck in the muck
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    Diff oil

    Sounds like I won't use it the Yamaha stuff has GL-4 and GL-5 rating so I thought might not be much difference but didn't know so thought I would ask thanks for all the responses
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    Diff oil

    Going through some old oil on my shelf and found an almost full bottle of Maxima 80W90 from the Polaris days my question is that this oil is an A.P.I GL-5 and my Grizzly manual states the diff oil should be A.P.I GL-4 does anyone know the difference and if this will work for my Grizzly
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    Kodiak 700

    Yea good time to sell people will pay top dollar for used Kodiac/ Grizzly and Yamaha has gone back to the more reliable 686 Yamaha motor on the new models downside is you would be unlikely to find a new one this year not sure what it will be like next year
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