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    2023 predictions

    Yamaha last built a 600cc 2cyl 2stroke in 1999. To my knowledge that is the largest 2s 2cyl they ever built. They have never had fuel injection or a turbo on any performance 2s that i know of. So after 30 plus years they are getting back into sport that is slowly dying. They are going to build a...
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    To the "experts"; thoughts and insights please.

    Both the 100 amp and 125 amp are carbon pile testers.
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    To the "experts"; thoughts and insights please.

    Canadian tire has a carbon pile tester on sale for 38.99
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    How low to go on a offer?

    I would check the assessment for taxes first to get an approximate value. Then look around at new homes on the area and price what they are selling for. Also check what comparable houses in the area have recently sold for. That should get you to a starting point. If you aren't familiar this...
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    Inflation much?

    Maybe it is all planned, but I am pretty sure it is far to compilated for our supreme leader. I am thinking his biggest decision of the day is what is for lunch? If it is planned move they are going about it the right way, take away firearms, get rid of jobs, supply drugs to the masses, make...
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    Inflation much?

    I can tell your concern is genuine as it should be. We are heading for a sh&t storm on boat with no captain or crew. I have lived through the 80's with 20% interest rates and we are heading there again. I don't think we will see the rates go to the 80's level but they don't have too, 3 or 4 %...
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    Transmission troubleshooting

    The NV 4500 are awesome transmissions only thing is to install the 5th gear fix if it is not already done.
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    Humorous Kijiji Adds

    Just saw a 2003 Dodge with 114K sell for $40,500.00 plus auction fees
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    Polaris Phoenix 200

    My 200 had frt hyd brakes with both a hand and foot pedal for the rear brakes. Pretty sure they are still the same today. If you buy used the ball joints are a wear item to be aware of.
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    The future is in hydrogen the electric thing is a stepping stone. Electric may hang around for a bit as it will work for commuters in warmer climates but hydrogen will be used for long haulers or non commuter type driving. Our current electrical infrastructure isn't capable of handling the load...
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    Outside tap

    I would check for blockage in the sprinkler as the frost free are the same as a regular tap as far as restrictions go.
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    What oil to use

    The 6.4 hemi comes 0W40 from the factory. If you read the owners manual it usually has a chart with the oil viscosity and temp recommended.
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    What oil to use

    Its true that the 5-20 was used for better fuel economy. When it first came out Ford increased their fleet average by .2 of a mile per gallon which turned in to millions of dollars saved from EPA fines.
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    What oil to use

    I have been using 0w40 in everything I own from lawnmowers to heavy equipment for many years with zero failures. Just finally parked my work car with 500K on it. Change oil every 10k on the vehicles.
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    2022 Arctic Cat walk-through with mountain line manager

    This is funny stuff only cause it's true LOL
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