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    Humorous picture thread

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    Could try R&T sales in stoon, cheaper than Albertawheel and a province closer. I have bought a few sets off them over the years, not sure what shipping would be or if they would.
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Shooting

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    Who ordered a Lynx?

    Saw a semi hauling 60\40 skidoo/lynx crates yesterday on #16 between Edmonton and lloyd
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    Humorous picture thread

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    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    That's only $2.01/litre for regular, we'll be there this winter.
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    Humorous picture thread

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    A little shaking going on.

    It would had to have been actually rolling for it to come to a stop no?
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    Karyon bogan

    I've had good luck with my hunters sleigh from these guys. Sold through flaman here in Sask.
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    Daylight savings vote

    Yeah that part would be a pain in the ass for ya, no doubt about it. And like you said confirming on who's 8 o'clock you are agreeing too would get tiring too. I would think the people on the east side of the province would be more for it due to the sunrise/sunset times not being that bad, but...
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    Daylight savings vote

    Meh, Pretty minor issue really, all of our devices in sask still have the correct time, cell phones get updated by the cell network anyway.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    This is a good watch, beauty of a day in some big terrain.
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    Today In The News.

    Not sure about you but I always welcome phone calls from the government... it is always such a positive experience... National Post
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    Brandt trailers

    This likely a chevy thing isn't it ? Some days I swear mine is allergic to having a trailer plugged in. Damn thing dings check trailer wiring at highway speeds plug it into my friends truck nothing comes up.
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    Brandt trailers

    When I was look for a goose neck I looked a few brandts, in all honesty if you take the paint off them and a Trailtech I don't know if you could tell the difference between the two. One of the local equipment rentals guys has a few brandt trailers and really likes them, but he also really...
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