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    forest trunk road = north of Coleman by Old Man River

    We go out there a lot for camping and quadding. All of the trails are pretty simple a few tight spots and one place that scares me across the river on a hill with nothing on both sides but a 20 foot drop (afraid of heights). So I just turn around there now. Most of the trails I have been on go...
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    Looking for quad trails near Canmore

    Check out North of Ghost Lake and drive up Forestry Trunk Road (buy a offroad map) and check out the area. Lost of spots to stop and trails up there. Lots of mud and fun. Good luck.
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    Ideas on how to collect payment from a dead beat customer...

    Do the small claims court, then you have documentation. Make sure to draft up a letter and send it to him/her and give the payment date in full or you will take them to small claims. Make sure it is sent via registered mail so you have a copy. Make sure to put a lien on house/car/truck/etc you...
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    Blackstrap lake Sk

    I grew up out there usually fishing was good. Shield Townsite was really good but so much algae and crap growing always got motor messed up. On Thode Townsite side was good. Lots of ppl used to out by the Cosway.
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    Trailer sale Scam

    Hope he gets caught that is ridiculous. Can't seem to trust anyone anymore.
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    First brand new quad

    Awesome new addition. My hubby has a 700 Artic Cat a 2011 I believe. It is a really nice ride.
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    Camp sites and dirt bike trails

    My hubby has a GPS he uses and we track our way out on the trails and then just back track home. Most of the trails we use are pretty good out there. I also found this website of trails. Hope this helps. SIGN-UP Today For Instant Access To Alberta ATV Trail Info & Maps
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    Camp sites and dirt bike trails

    We like the area just south of Livingston Falls. It is beautiful and lots of camping sites all over the area. Lots of trails too.
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    Fellow ATV rider dead.

    Condolences. :(
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    Congrats and good luck. Rye and Coke always a winner :)
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    2011 ATV Jamboree..... July 8-10, 2011

    Quick question to everyone is this going to also be a kid friendly event or just an adult event? Only asking since a lot of the posts are about drinking. :) Love drinking but we have a little one who would like to do this weekend if we decide to go. Our family is really interested in checking...
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    Our New House!!

    Very nice. Congrats on the new house. Just think of all of the room to store the toys. :)
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    The Word Association Game

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    Warning thieves in area

    I can't believe the RCMP is not out there more watching and letting campers/Offroaders know that this is happening more and more. Have not been to Brazeau yet this year but maybe not wanting to go now if this is happening a lot. Was out at Whitecourt on the weekend it was great. Loved the mud...
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    thanks all.
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