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    2011 duramax replacement tire options 265 60 20 seem to be a tough size to find

    I went with Cooper Discover M + S LT275/65R20 studded. I think that is a ford size. They work well and are a huge improvement over my 305/55R20 Duratracs. I did have to do the fender mod to fit the 305's on a 20x9 rim with a 0 offset, the 275's are on the stock rims and there is a ton of room...
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    Worst service ever at bow cycle south calgary

    I don't post much.. but I have also had nothing but terrible experiences with both locations with this dealer. No one in our group deals with them anymore. Feel free to buy there and find out for yourself, just my experience.
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    Best winter tires for a f-350

    Cooper Discoverer MS studded (true winter tires).. huge improvement on both snow and ice over my duratracs which are now siting in garage waiting for summer to come back. The duratracs were not bad when new last January.. but after 20,000kms and summer they were horrible the first couple storms...
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    Photo Radar

    Indeed you are correct and I was wrong, thanks for pointing that out.. complete disconnect from brain to keyboard.. Radar is a form of radio wave and not sound waves..
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    Photo Radar

    from wikipedia.. I could find a more creditable source if you like? I and they could vey well be wrong though, care to explain what Radar is? "Radar is an object detection system which uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects." Radar - Wikipedia, the...
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    Photo Radar

    To clear this up a bit. Police use two different forms of speed detection. Radar and Laser. Radar is primarily used by RCMP and sheriffs on the highways. Radar is a form of sound wave. The waves are emitted from the gun and bounce off the object and everything else around and some return to...
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    GM parts at reasonable prices.

    I also recomend rockauto.. I bought 2 rancho shocks, moog pitman arm, moog idler arm, 2 moog inner and 2 outter tie rods, 4 moog ball joints and 2 torsion bar mount bushings for my duramax.. cost ~700 shipped.. arrived in about 5 buniess days to Calgary. No fees from Fedex on either order. This...
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    Garmin External Mic/Speaker

    still no luck.. bass pro shops in Balzac has them but they only order them and 2 week delivery.. was hoping to have one for this weekend, communications group in Calgary, GPS city, gps central and wholesale sports do not carry them in Calgary.
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    Garmin External Mic/Speaker

    still no luck.. communications group, GPS city and wholesale sports all in Calgary.. do any of you guys have part numbers? I could likley get Communications Group to order them in if they had a number they say.
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    Garmin External Mic/Speaker

    checked wholesale sports in calgary with no sucess.. gps city is closed by the time i get done work... still looking
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    2012 Etec issues - post what you have had happen (not what you have heard)

    mine just started this a few rides ago.. has ~1300kms now started maybe at ~1100kms. Could that still be computer related? Ran flawless before. I'll maybe pull the reeds and take a look. Its more than a hesistation, it will flat out die when it hits the higher rpms sometimes. Need to get it in...
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    2012 Etec issues - post what you have had happen (not what you have heard)

    My 2011 freeride with 1350kms has developed a bit of a miss right when the raves should kick in..started about 300kms ago. I lived with it until I hit a tree and took out all the plastic north of the engine at which point I pulled the raves valves while the airbox was off.. they were dirty with...
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    04 Allison transmission upgrades

    I have a 2004 duramax 2500 lb7. Have slipped the transmission towing now 4 times in OD. Edge Evolution CS on level 2 (towing mode). Not sure if it was the converter or the OD gear that slipped.. but it put the truck into limp mode. Anyone recomend a decent place to around Calgary to talk to...
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    2008 miles to km.. possible

    I also second Mr R's. I live in Calgary and order parts from there. The service is well worth the small shipping cost.. and they get out of stock parts to my door in two days so we make the next weekend riding. Once they even pulled an airbox off a band new sled and overnighted it to me. Great...
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    Suncor well on fire 3-10-12

    Polarblu.. If you are on site try to talk to the rig crew or drilling supervisors, they can give better info on what stage drilling was in. I was just trying to pass on some already public information which I thought you might appreciate hearing since you seem connected to the incident response...
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