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    2023 Rumours

    Anyone else hearing Doo may release a “refined” G4 chassis for 2023, like what they did when they went from the XP to the XM in 2013
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    Ski Adjustment when moving to updated spindles

    It made a difference in my ski alignment for sure. If you’re asking about a difference in riding performance, I haven’t had a chance to see yet. You’d have to get that answer from someone with a 2020 Freeride or Summit X with Expert
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    Ski Adjustment when moving to updated spindles

    Thanks for the tips everyone! I'll get it done ASAP
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    Ski Adjustment when moving to updated spindles

    I just put the updated spindles on my 2020 Summit X and noticed the skis are toed out quite a bit ( more than with my stock spindles for sure). but of course I didn't get measurements when my original spindles were on to compare, or for a baseline to adjust back to. Does someone have the...
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    How is your sled season going

    Had a great year. Stared the year on a new sled which wasn't planned (went with the Summit X once again), so that was exciting. Also lucked out and picked up a used BCX for a second/family sled. Got early rides in around SK if you can believe it (Nov 30!). Got some rides in with my Dad and bro...
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    Lets see those 2020 skidoos

    No wrap this year. Just starting off with some red accents (rails too but pic doesn't really show)
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    Rear skid disassembly

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the tips
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    Rear skid disassembly

    Going to get my rails powder coated on my G4 (tmotion). Been a while since I’ve taken a skid out of a machine (prob 2012). Any helpful advice or tricks that anyone has learned and wouldn’t mind sharing in regards to dropping it out, installing it back in, and especially disassembling the skid...
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    2020 Release dates

    Wow that took a left turn, but then again lots of threads do hahaha. Thanks to those who had dates. Hoping 2020 is a great year worthy of upgrading. If so, ‘17 850 will be up for sale. Any takers ?? ������
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    2020 Release dates

    Has anyone heard/found the release dates for the 2020 sleds of any manufacturer yet?
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    Let's see your G4's

    Hahaha. True. Sometimes Sasky boys gotta give the home quarter some love too! That was a awesome storm we got in early March. Hope this year is more of the same. Here’s some west pics for you. Hope to catch up with you again this year!
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    Let's see your G4's

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    ///////show us your snowmobile///////

    New wrap
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    Let's get a real km to belt usage tally

    Quick question. Of the sleds that have blown belts, how many were 2.5 vs 3 inch lugs? Also, how many sleds blowing belts were 154 vs 165? Thanks!
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