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  • Hi Steve, its Jim. Just checkin' in on ya. Did you make it out to Fernie? Are you riding this weekend?
    Hi steve. I think thats you. Tis is kent. We went last weekend around castle. My phone is 3308372.. Jim and i went again yeaterday and my sled is stil in there. I walked. Doubled out after we got stuck. I have a powder jack on order now. I need someone to come with me. With a sled of course back to get my sled out. It is just bad enou i now have a couple pulleys ready. And off i go. Let me knkw if you would like to head out for that and a good ride . I am off on holidays e next 3 weeks. See ya. Or call. Or email me at kewar@msn.com. Thanks. KENT
    well look who i found....lol... its Can-Do from outlaws...:)

    PS: and why am i not invited on this ride?....lol
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