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    Compact Tractors

    Cant get out of the skid steer with bucket/forks in air unless way up. Only drawback to them Be fine for lifting deck out as forks should work on their own. No strap needed
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    Delayed and Canceled spring orders.

    Damn that sucks. Those are the cats ax’s of kids sleds. Pretty late to find out tho no way your finding a couple to replace that. Without spending an extra g or 2
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    Farmer talk

    RayGlenn is $18 fob western sask pickup. Just an FYI
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    Favorite Webcam Site

    Haha I just got a Snapchat from the guys who had to haul batteries down.
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    Will you get to ride your Ski-Doo next winter ??

    Is that why lots aren’t coming till February?? Regardless of brand you rep that sucks no sled coming till then
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    Compact Tractors

    I have a 3038e Deere. I put a 3” thick piece of plate on the front end about 250lbs and also got some allis chalmers wheel weights for back wheels 150lbs each as I hate fluid. This made a tractor out of it. Back tires stay planted with bucket of dirt font tires will steer when snowblower is on...
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    Compact Tractors

    You’d be surprised what the 2 blades will pull. Also will cut washboard out. And pushes gravel backwards making it real smooth - great for packing and smoothing a base Hyd cylinder in top link on 3 pt is real nice upgrade too I have a HYd angle blade but rarely use it.
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    Compact Tractors

    If you have some lane way to maintain check out a road boss grader attachment. I think they are better than box grader
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    2021-2022 Revelstoke Area Updates

    Was a guy at cabin other day with 4 seater sxs Gate was open so he went up [emoji2369]
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    GEN4 Tunnel Cut

    Lots of work real nice looking job you did. Creative thinking hanging sled upside down
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    Injection oil?

    Is shell blue again bc it used to be blue then it was yellow/gold like engine oil for awhile. Haven’t bought any in awhile for sled at lake so couldn’t tell you colour
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    G4 clutch arms

    The tools and grease are cheap to clean and grease rollers. Every 1000-1500kms
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    Brandt trailers

    Haha yep. It’s the upside down plug I think Gets more crap in it and doesn’t drain out imho My 12’ is original plug 260k dmax has 120k always kept clean I see new body style is back to plug being normal [emoji848]
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    Brandt trailers

    Haha I’m on plug #3 on my dmax always the brake blade terminal that corrodes and won’t work
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    Farmer talk

    Getting to be more lexicons in our area. Judging by fields they were on I’m not so sure they put more in the hopper. Maybe in canola swaths if you want to push the lever We straight cut so can only feed so fast. Maybe fd2 if we get Great when new but the minimum 1 hr each way for parts as it...
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