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  • Bought all new Klim gear,
    Motofist boots and a ABS avalanche bag. And a few other things. Many trips to the truck. Few clams out of the jeans though.
    Was there from opening till 500 at night. We were going to stay in Edmonton but decided to drive home and beat Sundays weather. I will be going to revy the 26 dec till the end of the fist week of January and evry long weeknd after that. Not sure on my April date yet.
    never seen ya there..the day flew by looking at all the stuff ,,and beer of
    HMMM mike ramsey...I know a nick ramsey..Maybe him my memory sucks...Ya we will have to get together this winter for sure,,send me your phone number again.And well i boughta 2010 HCR and gonna loan my black M8 to megan to use lol Should be fun!! Take care Rick!
    Hey!!! I'm hoping this is Richard, it's osama aka.trav, thanks so much for the laughs bro. Today was pretty wild, it snowed abit more an found the meadow's you were talking about. Take care.. sorry if I have the wrong person.
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