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  • Hey Chris thanks man really apreciated... but yes I also pulled the trigger on a 13.... and so did you I guess? I though it was Colby's upgrade year haha
    so my 12 freeride is also for sale
    Shawn, did you want any of the goodies off my 11 before I sell it or did you snowcheck a 13?

    I have:

    Doo Doctor sliding secondary, Shockwave Helix, BMP Y-Pipe, SLP Can I also have some other stuff like a spare pull start, extra grip heaters, etc.

    Hey u have a good ride last weekend? U riding this weekend I like to ride Corbin, Ferine or Castle whats ur plans. U get my last message

    Moose Jaw
    Shawn I'm riding with Doug in Elkford on Fri & Sat. Did you guys give him anything for taking you out. I was thinking a bottle of Lemon Heart, thats what he drinks, U think thats good enough or what?
    When r u planning to ride again do u get time during the week or only weekends.
    Sorry for the delay, Trying to get a another guy to go, 7 hr drive alone. I live to ride just hoping to hook up with some closer to Moose jaw. to drive with and them hook up with you guys.

    Shawn / JoHNI_T
    happy new year jtard!!!

    Hey Shawn, Lucas (Steel Town) gave me your contact name on here. Hopefully you remember me, but I'm the guy who helped you and Justin out with that M8 a couple Saturdays ago. Just wanted to know if you guys were sledding this weekend?
    hey yamaha sx700 here! love that pic of the yamaha atv on fire can u send me it to me?!? thanks.
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