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    Garage furnace help pls

    No expert by any means but could it be that your furnace vent isn't draining to the outside of the garage? I believe the drop is 1/'4" every foot. If it's not draining outside it could be backing up in the furnace.
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    Fitting for Gas Can Grab one of these, handy as could be.
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    Any HVAC guys on here

    Mine runs under my deck, now at least... When it was first installed the installer left it a foot away from the house under the deck, but not past the it, this caused the deck to ice up and freeze pretty bad so after talking with the installer he agreed to extend it past the deck. Well turns...
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    Any HVAC guys on here

    If you're getting up there anyway, what about wrapping some heat trace around it? Probably not a permanent solution but will get you through the winter til you find one.
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    S & M Courier Service

    Anyone heading to Kelowna from Edmonton? I've got an Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 frame and two seats I need dropped off at the father in laws. He's planning to pay for shipping if I can' find anyone so he's willing to throw some cash at it.
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    Milwaukee tools
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    Septic Systems

    I had a new concrete tank put in 3 years ago just outside of Stony Plain. Cost $8k. Installer said a new field would be $8k if mine died. Think it was a 1400L tank? Two chamber unit.
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    That's a decent price.
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    Plasma, water or laser cutting?

    Most shops are fully aware of the tolerances their machines provide. Just be clear what yours are when you're talking to them.
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    Plasma, water or laser cutting?

    In Edmonton, try these guys - For Laser - Schmidt Laserworks GC Custom Metal Raylin Manufacturing For Waterjet - Metal Fabricators and Welding (They can bevel waterjet cut) Waterjet Inc I would stay away from plasma for this.
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    Need a mechanic or reputable shop too install turboes in my 08 F350

    OC Diesel in West Edmonton does very good work. I'm also a big fan of CSR Performance in Stony Plain.
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    Auto/Home Insurance

    Try Desjardins. They specialize in acreages. They brought my overall insurance down by about $2k a year when I switched everything over to them. DM me if you want my brokers info, she's located in Stony Plain.
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    Single Axle Flip

    I did the exact same job with a welder/mechanic buddy. Took about a day and a half. Mine was a two axle unit. Took twelve hours for the first axle and two for the second. You can buy everything you need to do the job at Princess Auto. For a two axle unit it cost about $300 in parts. DM's are...
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    Eavestrough Replacement!

    Gratzfeld Eavestroughing = 780.963.5907
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    What Did You Do In Ur Garage?

    I'm in the metal business so it was free for me. It's less than two full 4x10's of metal though so it's a pretty small job to most shops that can do this kind of thing. EDIT: Reached out to the guy that made it for me. Said it'd be about $250. It's a total of 15.5' lineal feet, 24" top, 2-4"...
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