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    Spindle update

    I installed expert spindles on my 19 today
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    WTB 163 by 3 inch 15 wide track

    There is a track and drivers in terrace BC forsale
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    19 freeride shutting off while riding

    Anyone else have issues with sled shutting off while riding ? Happened about 500 km ago so I unplugged shot and thought that was the issue now just over 1800 km and happens again
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    Klim boots

    i got 12 rides on these
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    Looking for riding partners

    Wondering if anyone is riding tomorrow and Tuesday in or around sicamous that wouldn’t mind a tag along Thanks
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    Help need drive axle brought to sicamous / vernon

    I have a buddy who needs a drive axle delivered from Edmonton to sicamous area tonight or tomorrow . can contact me at 7804994183 thanks Found a guy thanks to all who called and offered to help much appreciated
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    2018 chatter creek

    I drove back from chatter creek yesterday its not bad actually 2 or 3 bad spots but considering other years its pretty good
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    1981 moto ski

    It's fibreglass yes and I have the hood fixed now
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    1981 moto ski

    You dont know much about old sleds if you think this one as a plastic hood lol
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    1981 moto ski

    And your white truck
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    1981 moto ski

    What's it worth ? Bought from original owner
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    Klim Togwotee Bibs

    How much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gauging interest in Sicamous townhouse to rent out next winter to sledders

    I'll be interested, I rent a place every year either Sicamous or malakwa usually 4 to 6 months Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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