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    Cat Zuk big bore low elevation

    I think you would get more help on an Eastern based site where these combo's are plentiful & knowledge abounds! Good luck!
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    2022 Polaris Pro RMK Matryx Slash Boost

    First off, I own both Polaris & Skidoo currently. The low numbers available are most likely for quality control, keep problems low, use us crash test dummies to test / identify problematic areas?
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    2019/2020 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    Ha! Heading up on the 27th. Same scenario. Remember, it's all fun!
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    Pros and Cons of all recent sled Brands

    As an older (54) rider with moto-x , quad, plus 30+ years mountain, asphalt, grass.experience, we are BLESSED with the iron we have today, regardless of their shortfalls. A rider can always personalize a ride for them selves, yet be off for the masses. I personally have spent $$$ with...
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    850 RMK clutch kits Pre-order

    Are the heels on the weights the same as the 10 Series, or is re-shimming of spider necessary to maintain belt clearance? If so, is the belt that you utilize wider to compensate? Thx!
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    Recent online ordering experiences

    Just a short rant as I've fallen victim to this twice over the course of a few weeks. Ordered an accessory from a company in US last week & cart showed stock & took order & charged card (of course), then got an email a couple days later stating parts held up in manufacturing, with a "should ship...
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    Why do you think Polaris improved the 800 HO motor?

    I don't think Polaris will ever use a 900 decal on a sled again! Bad mojo. lol more likely 860, 880, etc for marketing.
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    A Revy Sled Bum's Tale: Another Season with Lilduke

    I can! lol Keep it up!
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    SxS Sound Bar Options

    Looking for input/experience with self amplified sound bars on side by sides. Thanks to all who chime in!
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    Cool Guns

    Looking for a clean pre-owned CZ SP-01 Shadow 9mm. Will consider all variations. Thx!
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    what about a 44-47 qrs helix with a black qrs spring? 16 t3 174

    I would think you would need a purple for sure if you wanted to try a 43/47 with the increased demands of the 174x3.
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    Summit XM pin weight, picture inside

    My experience also. You can try a set of 412 ramps with your current setup, or increase primary finish.
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    Phantom Mountain Mod summer project

    Wow! And the wife says I go overboard on some of the kids toys! Way to go!
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    Need some support from the S&M Community

    Done Geoff!
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    14/15 pine pass conditions

    Thinking of heading to the Pass next weekend for a last spring ride. Forecast is good/warm, how low is the snow? Can you ride from the parking areas? Thx!
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