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    Carrying Fuel - Matryx

    I have the mountain addiction only had to use the fuel twice this year but works very well
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    Jackson 2023

    From what I watched Keith‘s sled seemed to be better setup suspension wise, didn’t tail walk like others, suspension absorbed the bumps and yes he is an amazing rider. This is just what I saw even Brett’s sled didn’t handle as well.
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    2024 Yamaha mtx

    I love the sound of the 4 stroke turbo’s. My Tapex always did it for me.
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    2024 Yamaha mtx

    It really is to bad, we need all 4 manufacturers pushing to be the best it keeps technology moving forward. Bled blue for a long time. Changed to Polaris in 2022 definitely like my Khaos but miss the gut wrenching power of my Yamaha.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    But back on topic have seen these guys break a lot of porcelain on the plugs. My Khaos has not even fouled a plug.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    All good with that. When I ride bc most of the time I brought my own fuel as I want zero ethanol and at the time Costco premium had none. Now all pump fuel contains ethanol.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    Shame me I have run costco fuel in both my yamaha turbos, apex was running 290 ish and my viper was a 180. Nothing wrong with running the freshest premium you cam get
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    Muskoka Freerider

    I have 3200km on my 850 Khaos, have not had an issue other than the recalls. But I don’t hold it on the bar as much as these young guys do. Mine also only runs 8000-8100, only ever run Costco premium.
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    3000 Watt Generators, Which Brand, Why?

    i have a Honda 3000 very good generator, but like everyone has said either Honda or yamaha are awesome.
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    10 best sleds of all time ,up to 2000

    I have a 1974 340 thunder jet and a 1975 340 sst both are amazing old iron.
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    Sources that you have found or know of....

    Don’t need no stinking snowflap. Just if you’re following stay way back hahaha
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    FSR Accident

    After putting in 20 years as a radio tech. 30watts is all the federal licence is good for and it is a federal licence to be renewed every year. Money grab so really only businesses licence their radios. That being said you can have 1000 w but if the receiver on your radio is suspect you have...
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    Steve Martin Chain Case Tighten and Visual Inspection

    With the hp and abuse people are putting the boosts through once off warranty I would be doing a chain every 2500 km. Or less chains are cheap chain cases aren’t. My Turbo apex got a chain every 2000 km I ran 290 hp. My turbo viper was less hp so every 2500. Vmax4 @ 180 hp every 2500. The way...
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    "Mousetrapped" Lets Talk About It

    Had 2 slightly different situation but similar. Had a riding partner get dumped off in the powder sled ended up on top of him pinning him face down. I was following and within seconds had it off him but could have been bad. Second I chose a line through the trees branch hooked the throttle cable...
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    Foggy in Grande Prairie also.
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