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  • Hey man thanks for getting back to bad it didnt turn out,that woulda been good for a laugh. And all 3 sleds survived just fine thanks to the fresh snow
    Hey gibsons.I met you on boulder mountain during Christmas. A few of us were ghost ridin our sleds off a cliff an I was wondering if you had any footage of that an how we could see it.ttyl thanks man
    made it to golden wednesday night, sledded thursday at hope, snow was great, and left for home friday morning at 4am. roads were pretty good for us. I'm hoping in 3 weeks to make it back out to revy with my boys. they're pretty excited for their first trip.
    hey im the first to post on your wall!!! did you guys make it home? i am stuck here at least another day the road is closed from revy to golden was till noon but now 5pm
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