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    Old Iron !!!

    nice sleds in here, but this is what I thought the title meant by "Old Iron" :p
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    Vintage favorite ride

    keepin this thread alive, love seeing the vintage stuff. Here's my 74 340 on my maiden voyage last week, drove 22 hours round trip to pick up a few months ago!
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    Vintage favorite ride

    here's my dad's 'baby' version of your 72 Panther
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    Vintage favorite ride

    nice to see someone took care of it and must have been kept indoors its whole life! We have a few early 70's Cats in our fleet that were preserved as well as yours. I'm looking at getting a hood redone on my 74 el tigre, so I thought I'd see if you had your hood redone and what was involved.
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    Vintage favorite ride

    Nice old Cat! Did you repaint that hood and put new decals on? or is that part still original?
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    LED Lights I'm putting the Sii Alpha LED's in my sled this winter. They are spendy too but I really liked them in my 2013 I had. These are a few generations newer and supposed to be even brighter
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    Vintage favorite ride

    my favorite is my 75 Jag 340...although I finally got myself a 74 El Tigre 340 this fall so that may become my new favorite :D
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    What did you do for your ATV today?

    took the kids and dog for our maiden voyage yesterday! Been wanting a SxS for years and finally picked up a lightly used 2020 fairly local. Did 80km and we all loved it!
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    New trailer

    as mentioned, supply is getting low in my area anyways. I ordered my new TT in January and it was built and delivered in 11 weeks. Salesman said someone else ordered the same TT as me a month later and he won't get his now until September
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    Oldest sled you've ridden?

    my Dad dug out my grandpa's 68 sno cruiser last weekend after sitting since 1998. Grandpa bought it brand new. Didn't take much and it was ripping in the yard. Its the oldest sled I've ridden by a couple years anyways!
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    Looking for a good flexible hand guard

    got these Powermadd Fuzion on my high country with the handlebar bag. Super flexible, aluminum mounts, great coverage, and about 1/3 of the price of the rox flextec. Ordered them online at Canadian Tire, cheapest place I found the guards and mounts.
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    Vintage Picts

    had a couple of our vintage ones out for a 30 mile ride last weekend
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    Leftover Alphas?

    Universe Satellite in Rocanville has a couple left
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    2015 arctic cat xf high country gearing

    maybe i'm misinterpreting your post but you'll need heavier weights to bring RPM down (not sure what recommended rpm is for the big shark kit). I put 20/49 in my '13 high country and it was a great mix for bottom end pull and not hitting such a wall at 75 like you're experiencing.
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    Sledding with your family

    I've been fortunate enough that both of my daughters started on 120's before they were 3. Now they are 4 and 7, and absolutely love riding their snowmobiles. They are more anxious than I am for enough snow this fall to start riding! I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew between 4 and 8 and they all love...
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