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    Truck soft Tonneau cover roll up velcro replacement

    . They will do alterations and personal and commercial sewing of all types. I brought him a bunch of jeans that I didn’t like because they were bellbottoms and they turned them into long shorts for me. Repairs to all of my leather riding gear. Backpack repairs, everything Open seven days a week...
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    No fault insurance

    Ha ha. I’m gonna check if my self identification will save me money to. You know whats funny with insurance. I’m in my 50s now. My next younger brother‘s 48 yrs old. We both have 2022 skidoo turbo‘s from the identical dealer for identical price. We also have 2022 super duty‘s identical dealer...
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    BRP delay

    So what’s your guess on sum X Turbo are they even coming before Christmas?
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    BRP hit by Cyber Attack

    Anything is possible these days.
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    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    I wasn’t sure about him and how legit he lived over the past. Well six years later and $500 million in govt investigations up his ass and all his families asses and they found nothing. That proves to me he’s been a good man all along
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    show us your bike !

    Spare bike is running like a top. Today was a perfect warm Alberta day for a ride.
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    Bad luck

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    Bad luck

    Final verdict on 131. Compensator blew at full throttle. Crank won’t turn over even without plugs. Can’t get Stater off crank. Major damage. Starter toast. Clutch toast. Street glide was easy fix. Put all new fuses in it and cleaned the fuse box and the fuel pump works all the time
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    Worth a watch before yanking on a stuck rig!

    When I was younger in the 80’s a buddy of mine pulled out my Ford Granada with a chain that had rope in the middle. After a couple yanks it broke. The chain flew back so violently that it went completely through the hood and radiator and snapped off the power steering mount. I sat behind the...
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    Luxury Tax on Vehicles and Boats begins Sept 1st

    Luxury tax. Like in monopoly. lol. 🤷‍♂️
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    So sad

    I don’t think it was lightning. Rene put a lightning rod on top and ran a down long ground. So shitty
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    So sad

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    Do better than this guy

    Part of the problem is nowadays people are weak. For starters. If you do get a licking then deal with it or retaliate like a man. Secondly if you’re getting out done and beat good and there’s witnesses the assaulter should fear the crowd. But nowadays no one helps each other and are just glad...
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    Do better than this guy

    Agree. They may not have understood what they done. Being in a boat and paying attention maybe the boaters didn’t realize how many fishermen lines were out etc. but you start chucking rocks 🤷‍♂️. I’ve quaded up on horses fast by accident. But I Apologize profusely and carry-on. But if someone...
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    New Cat Platform

    I bet they do a mid season release like they did on the early 18 cats
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