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    He has my $100CAD as well.....
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    Flying Car?

    If it had the range and performance, screw snowmobiling, think of the backcountry you could see with that thing.....
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    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    Let's go Brandon....
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    Another Step to 'Normal' on The Weekend - Went Out to The Movies! TT trying to make it normal...
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    Septic Systems What they should be selling for but yep, if someone needs them bad enough....
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    Septic Systems

    I have beer
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    Septic Systems

    Infiltrators seem hard to come by also, AWS says 145 days out.
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    Septic Systems

    Called 10 companies in an expanding radius, 1 said no, can't fit it in. 6 haven't bothered to call me back, 2 promised to come to site and look but never showed up. Last one said they might be able to fit it in but aren't sure. Think I'm in the wrong trade, screw gas compression, I'm gonna take...
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    Artur Pawlowski should be the next senator representing Canada. Whether you like him or not, having a judge try and force someone to repeat the government mantra is disturbing...
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    Still pending since Feb......
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    videos from all around the world

    Guy can ride...
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    Dually vs SRW

    Love my dually with heavy trailers, quads on deck etc. Horrible in the snow, even with studded Haks. If you don't need the capacity of the DRW, it's not worth the extra tires, pain to park etc. As for mileage DRW vs SRW, gear ratios etc. who cares? If buying a 100K truck a few L/100km shouldn't...
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    Septic Systems

    Think my field might be pooched, not draining like it should. Tank is concrete and should be replaced. What's the ball park cost for a new systems these days? Any way to clean older fields or is it dig up and replace?
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    Plasma, water or laser cutting?

    If you want the bevels etc. why not get it done on a regular mill? If you need multiples a CNC could punch them out faster than you could bolt them up....
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    Bringing back the Mammoth,

    General tag or special draw?
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