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    Dirt biking near Dawson Creek

    Wondering if anyone knows of any areas for dirt biking near Dawson Creek, BC. looking for some beginer riding areas as my girlfriend is just learning how to ride. Just visiting for a few days and wanted to get some riding in, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Anyone know of a good online site for discounted parts?

    I have my new sled ordered up a 2010 Dragon 163. Was thinking I would look into a few of the items I want during the summer and hopefully save some dough! Does anyone know of a good website that has good pricing on aftermarket components? Like a can, riser blocks, tunnel stiffiners etc?
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    2010 Yamaha Nytro

    21 pounds just isn't enough!!! More More More!!! When it gets under 500lbs I will take one!!! But Yamaha is headed in the right direction the changes this year are good but Yamaha needs to focus some effort towards the mountain guys. Its great that you can turbo it and it will climb but what...
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    2010 Yamaha Nytro

    Has anyone heard what the actual weight of the new Nytro is going to be. on yammies website they go on and on about weight reduction but they do not give any actual wieghts. It would be nice to know.
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    removing the sway bar

    Save the hundred bucks and throw away the stabilizer bar< all the guys bought the quick connects last winter for the XP and they never used them at all, but for $100 it gives it a clean look and at least they are there for the day the trail gets really rough!
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    Who missed out on snowcheck

    well on the x package versus the in season everests. you get lightwieght suspension components, Kayaba aluminum shocks, riser block/ low windshield,racing seat etc. Plus the blue and white color is only available on snowcheck. Bomardier values the X-package at $1890 worth of parts. I also...
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    Who missed out on snowcheck

    Just checking in to see if anyone out there is looking for a new doo. I have a new Summit X 154 on order and am unable to take delivery on it. I figured I would see if there was anyone interested in picking up what is sure to be the best sled of the winter! it is in blue and white and will be...
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    Bachelor Party Pranks?

    Lookin for help from everyone. I am part of a wedding party for an upcoming wedding. Does anyone have any ideas for bachelor party pranks. The bachelor party is this weekend.
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    How did you find

    Other seen it on the back window of a truck in sherwood park....a red dodge I know it's someone on here not sure who. owns/runs the certigard in sherwood park?
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    Limited edition summit

    that sled is UGLY!!!! I thought that doo had worked past thier goofy yellow color this year with the blue and white (what I am snowcheckin) but I guess old habits die hard :doh:
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    Is it almost that time?

    the snow isn't gone and it's too early to be talking about storing sleds!
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    where to rent sleds?

    I am going to snow check a new sled had enough fun with a used sled this year, I want a brand new one so when I break it (and I am sure I will) I drop it off at the dealer and tell them to call me when they are done! I have talked to elk island and they are really good to deal with! I had a...
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    I do not enjoy working on my machine

    I am a mechanic I have to fix stuff all day long so when I want to ride thats exactly it I just want to ride. Wrenching is not a hobbie for me anymore. However I do agree with all you guys about the RIDICULOUS shop rates out there. I am a heavy duty mechanic and our shop rates are around $100...
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    where to rent sleds?

    So there is only one cappy place to rent sleds?
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    where to rent sleds?

    does anyone know of any places in the city to rent sleds other than elk island sales. I am trying to rent a sled or two before year end to try before I buy type of deal I know that all the mountain towns have rentals but they are a bit more expensive than elk island. I would really like top...
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