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    Ford F-150 Lightning

    Toss the welding skid in the bed. Wonder if you can charge and drive. Battery electric hybrid powered by Lincoln.
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    dodge shaking death wobble?

    I find this guy very informative.
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    dodge shaking death wobble?

    Mine was very predictable. The right sized dip in the road at the right speed and away she went. The only way to stop it was to slow down to about 50. It was hard to keep it between the lines.
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    dodge shaking death wobble?

    I had this issue on an 04 2500. It was not enjoyable. Hopefully tires fix er up for you.
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    dodge shaking death wobble?

    Must have been half asleep. Swear I read 1500. OP clearly said 3/4. The box brace kits are a bit of a bandaid fix though, IMO. There's always an underlying cause. Tires or lose front end components.
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    dodge shaking death wobble?

    The 1500s of that era are rack & pinion unless it's a mega cab. Don't think there's a brace for that. Tires are a big factor. Then any loose components in the front end, and then a proper alignment.
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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Still looks like it might be tough quadding up high
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    For Sale - Enzo tuned C-40 shocks

    Somewhat interested, but I'm not well versed on Enzo or Skidoo. Are these factory shocks from an expert just tuned by Enzo, or are they better than the oem shocks? I want to get something better than stock for the airmiles my sled sees.
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    Hot your pics

    One of the guys brought a fancy camera to the car meet bbq last weekend.
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    F150 2.7 l good for towing?

    The F150 itself tows alright. It's never going to pull like a diesel being lightweight and soft sprung, but they do OK. The 2.7 looks to have pretty decent power, especially if you compare it to the top of the line half tons of 15 years ago. As long as you're not planning to be running the left...
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    Jason Kenny stepping down as UCP leader

    The problem is, most of the left minded people don't understand that what the government is / has done is causing this. They actually think the liberals are helping them.
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    Hot your pics

    I love those retro body swaps. Did he leave the interior original, or add anything modern?
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    Central Air ( AC)

    Just had a 3ton installed in our 2000sqft 1.5 story. Was $3900 all in. Up in Cold Lake though
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    Hot your pics

    That what we really wanted, a C7 Z06. We compromised with a ZL1. We can still tuck a couple kids in the back seat and enjoy it as a family. Amazing how quick they get quiet when you lay in to it through a couple gears down a back road.
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