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  • So i don't know what the plans are for may long, not sure if i have to work or not. your own shop at home thats so wicked. I've been tryin to get a job in a autobody shop but everyone wants some experience, so without anything on paper im hooped. ya the old banshee is still rippin im hopin this next winter will be when i can tear it down to the frame. We are living in Ponoka, its pretty darn boring!! I got to use my old chevy for a bunch of wedding pics and man do they look sweet.
    Yup, Havent had much time to sit and fart around, but I just halfto make time.
    Were are you Living? We are In Whitecourt. Just Started up my own Custom truck Shop at home. Van's AutoBodyInc. Got tired of fixing Mini vans and crap. Still riding the crap out of the old Banshee?
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