cat pride 2009

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  • Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
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    Hey Andrew, we all got our rooms but thanks anyway. We are leaving slave lake at 5am on friday and hope to be there about 11 or noon pending on highway and want to ride that afternoon as well probably allen creek the only place ive been. if you are riding that same place before we get there we can meet at the cabin or something around 1ish or something. give me your phone # i can call you that morning on the road and we can meet somewhere. thanks Dan.
    Yeah I did check them out I think I am going to order a set, once this whole holiday thing is over. Nice 4 days man that was quick!...I am a little unclear of the carbides to be running on those...which one did you go with?
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