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    WTB 163 by 3 inch 15 wide track

    I have a new challenger 3.2" 162x3.2x15 3" pitch model number is 9319m $1000
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    Aluminum tidy tank crack repair

    I'm in the middle of repairing a diesel tank right now, I can help you out. call our shop inline industries 1 780-463-3931
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    Led headlight bulbs

    GTR LED lights are great quality. I had H13 bulbs in my 2012 Dodge and they where very bright and had good range down the road. I sold the truck but still have the lights if anyone is interested in them. I now have a 2015 Chevy with projector low beams. I tried GTR LED bulbs in the projector...
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    TKI belt drive dealer in Alberta

    C3 belt drives are now Specialty Motorsports based in spruce grove. I have one on my xm turbo running 10psi with 3000km on it with zero issues or adjustment. I also have one on my 320hp m1100 turbo, only about 600km so far with one broken belt. I believe I had my tension a little to loose. I...
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    TCSC - Riverside BBQ and OPEN HOUSE - Nov 2, 2019

    $9 a liter regular price $12.50. that's what my receipt says.
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    Chute climbing vids???? This is an old one of myself, wait for the end, was a close call.
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    Clearwater BC snowmobile drags mar.9-10

    Last year was a great time, approximately 80-90 riders entered. Classes are straight forward, and room for whatever you ride. Follow the link for more information.
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    Roosterbuilt helix

    I think I have a rooster built kit with a rb 2 that I want to sell.I just added a turbo so I went with a different kit.
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    Humorous picture thread

    Had the same thing happen to me on my xp. Engine mount bolt broke and fell into the clutch, had 300km on it.
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    Turcotte Compound drag races/freestyle show March 3 Who's going?

    I would be interested in any pictures you have of my #6 sleds.
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    Turcotte Compound drag races/freestyle show March 3 Who's going?

    I'm going, taking two of my sleds, also my old home town so a good reason to visit family too.
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    Lets see your xp!

    here is my build! 08 skidoo summit x 800 - Edmonton Snowmobiles For Sale - Kijiji Edmonton Canada.
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