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    For Sale - 2021 Skidoo Summit Expert 850 Turbo

    He has a snow check ordered.
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    Surgery Complete !

    Since I commute lot's with both of you do we get handi-cap parking?
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    My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Updates Daily from jan 22

    He still recovering but improving more and more, he should be sledding this season.
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    Surgery Complete !

    Hope recovery goes good for you. Lyle did mention to me earlier today that he has hot nurses so least he has something to look at to kill the time
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    BRP delay

    With what has been posted about vehicles being delayed or no delivery (Maxwell,Lilduke posts) I can see the delay could be longer and only few sleds at a time. Rknight least has his old sled but for guys that sold there's already will any look at the rental companies or take half the season off?
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    BRP delay

    Brp has announced there will be a delay on sleds due to parts delay. Sleds for nov ,dec will be jan now. If they are aware of this already by the time season starts imo the delay will be longer for issues that they don't know of yet. Least they are letting the public know . Wonder about other...
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    2014 Summit 600 Electric Start Issue

    Give me a call if you still need help,.
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    Detonation in Skidoo 850

    When engine is built will have it in my garage to install, old parts will be with it so can post pics
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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Allan creek has snow coverage from parking lot, first part is slushy . Started snowing up top mid afternoon on saturday so hopefully a re-load.
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    Sunday’s Glacier Adventure

    older1234 Yes this is from the Valemount area
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    Avy video from Valemount

    The day can go from a good day to bad so fast, glad your okay.
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    single sled deck ideas and options???

    Just remember with tailgate open when travelling your tailgate will look like it was sandblasted. I seen a guy's truck after one season and the tailgate looked bad and he said he would never use a set up like that again
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    Good to hear stories like this, it seems if a few stop to help then everyone seeing this stops. Good on everyone who stopped and helped
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    2014 summit 800 sp

    catmandoo should have a cluster if you need one
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    Relocating to the Right Coast

    All the best Ian for your new chapter in life. Just think if you don't sale your house we could have a snow and mud party there and send you some pics.
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