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    First Big Iron Shoot Out

    2003. Good times had by all. Small group the first one....Come on Ozone chime in. BC
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    Load it up!! it will pull it. You will be surprised!! BC.
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    73 grams
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    Magnetic tether Any good ?

    Very Good Tether...Installed on 17 sidewinder love it compared to old style rubber button type. I think u will be pleased when u check out the price of them from the Cat dealer. :thumbsup2: BC
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    Vancouver Island pics from last season

    Beauty pics!! Looks like the Newfy is pulling a nice re-entry :cool: Keep the pics rolling Boys. BC.
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    Sidewinder 174 build and season ride report

    Thanks for those!! Happy Boosting. BC
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    EVO Stage 5&6

    Modified stock turbo. Bigger compressor added to supply the required air flow to support the gains. BC.
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    Looking for CDI box for 2001 Mountain Max 700

    Are you sure you need the CDI? Dusty would be a good call, You can ohm out the stator to check if it went south b4 buying CDI if you have lost spark? BC.
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    Stage 4 Evo

    Gotta remember guys 9.5 psi is sea level to low altitude Boost press. Sled will altitude compensate to maintain the H.P. at elevation, not sure about 16psi though. BC.
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    Stage 4 Evo

    What Primary spring you running, and what did you do in the Secondary for the stage 4 power? Thanks BC
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