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  • I just noticed your message on here, i can't remember if i got back to you or not. As far as i know power steering started in 2009 on them, i think i'd stay away from the 2007 (i had one and it was a huge lemon, also heard of many others having issues with that year).
    On a side note i still love my 2010 LTD MAX but after my crash i am considering selling it to buy a side by side (hopefully safer in another crash), if mine is of any interest let me know.
    It's an STF.But I seem to recall reading somewhere that they aren't building decks anymore.I got it at Raven on the yellowhead.Marathon makes a real nice deck also.
    Didn't do anything to the hitch.It's a really short deck.Just have to be carefull turning,can still turn quite sharp just not complete jacknife.I've seen a few trailers with dents in the front from decks hitting them.This ones an STF but I think I heard a rumour they weren't building decks anymore.There's a few threads in here about decks,just look around ;lots of opinions.
    How's It giong Man, Havent Seen ya for a while. What's new? Will you be a Vega This May Long? We will be for sure. Let me know what's up.
    Lee I have a new belt for your Ski_doo, phone me to pick it up,, free, Ken
    Lee wat kind of Snowmobile you riding this winter? Kenny-Corey and I all have Polaris 800s, KPs is a 2005 Cross country and mine is a 03 Vertical Escape Coreys is 2010 Assault
    Lee, were all Hunky Dorey,, Boys live in Whitecourt now, but we still get together and go quading at Barrys place north of Fort Assiniboine.
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