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  • Hi 99 was wondering if you could send me the gps for cabins as well. I come out to BC a lot to ride and that would be extremely helpful. Thanks
    Thanks for the Map file. i know it says sledding cabins but can they also be used for quads?
    Hi there 99 Summitx...
    Greetings from the North Thompson Valley!
    We invite you to check out what’s going on in Avola, BC for sledders. We have been serving sledders from all over BC and Alberta for years, and have just created a HUGE special for Sledders Only!


    We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary with a $40.00 a night( for however many you can fit in )2011 INSANE SUPER WINTER SPECIAL promotion!
    Thanks for checking us out…let us know if you’re coming our way!
    The Bay Pacific Inn
    Thanks, no shooters yet. But I'm sure that the suds night after the sled show, will be pricey. LOL
    hey dude you getting in the habit of posting at 4:30am or what, those lady's are waiting.
    just wondering if you can tell me of any quad trails that i can keep my truck close by ..so i can sit by it with my baby well the others go quading.. thanks
    If you want to take a drive out to Rocky $50 will get you a set of 3500# trailer axles that came off an older camping trailer
    I have a 1998 ski doo summit 670x that has a bogging and will not rev over about 7000 rpm. I think it might be the dpm system, I was wondering if you know how to test it or find out what the problem is?

    hi noticed you have a 144 track on your 99 stock??? or converted from 136??? i want to convert mine to 144 from 136 i heard movin the skid gives better attack angle and what kind of 8 tooth drivers do i need to clear the 2" track in the tunnel any info, pics appreciated happy posting Brian
    hey kelly how are you? hope you had a good summer! Hey I was wondering if you had that old cover still kicking about, still looking for one .anyway talk to you later.Rob
    Hey 99summitx. I see you are in the Red Deer area. Good chance I am moving there this winter. Any decent riding areas nearby. Not so much for me I have ridden Revy & Mackenzie quite a bit. So I still head that way. I'm looking for something for my Curtain climbers on their Z370. Appreciate any advice.
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