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    T3 Sled almost burnt up

    The probe is bottoming out on the pipe shoulder to shoulder and not sealing on the tapered thread. Was hoping there would be some type of high heat sealant that could be used in this application! Maybe best thing to do is change out the probe that will seal on the threads and stay tight. Either...
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    T3 Sled almost burnt up

    Was towing buddies sled out, my sled was working hard. Probe in the exhaust pipe loosened and come out of the pipe right below the air box and started the plastic on fire, threw loads of snow on it and was able to get the fire out. What can be used to help hold the probe in place? Some kind of...
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    Mentally sketched to ride?

    Wow you guys, thanks very much for your support and not thinking that a guy is being weak makes a huge difference at looking at things!! Great replies and makes me realize that I am getting older and need to settle down a bit.. So cool!!
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    Mentally sketched to ride?

    Ouch!! I feel some of your pain. Good luck fj.
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    Mentally sketched to ride?

    Two years ago while riding in Salmon I crashed and broke the tibia plateau in my left knee in multiple pieces. Had surgery with a great surgeon. Two large plates and sixteen screws later holding it all together. Following many days of physio and continued training ever since so that I reduce any...
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    Forscan ELM327 for 2017 F150

    Used his co before I will call em.
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    Forscan ELM327 for 2017 F150

    Looking for someone (Sherwood Park/Edmonton) that can make some changes. Anyone have the know how?
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    Vancouver to Edmonton

    Anyone in need of getting a pick up to Edmonton from Vancouver? i have a boat in Vancouver that I need to get to Edmonton. If so give me a pm. Will be renting otherwise so thought I'd throw it out there.
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    Higher quality fifth wheel

    Had a few RVs and found them to be manufactured with poor quality. Have never had one but any of the Artic Fox units that I have looked at look to be built heavier and with better quality. If it where me lookin for a unit I'd be buyin a AF that's been well looked after and a few years old...
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    Lets start a discussion. How do we fix sledding?

    I sure want to chime in here but this is absolute craziness!! I'm ready to snap!! Do we all know the true meaning of insanity? We can't expect a change if we keep doing the same fackin thing!! That is what is happening here. Keep going into the sketchy areas and keep running into bad situations...
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    Dan Davidoff rest in peace

    Very sad to hear. Deepest Condolences to his wife and son. RIP KC.
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    Lets start a discussion. How do we fix sledding?

    As per Avalanche Canada March is statistically the most deadly month for avalanches. Be very aware when you are in the hills.
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    Another Avalanche death.

    Sketchy time to be playin on the hills. Sincere condolences. RIP....
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    Peoples experience ski doo vs m8000

    95% Diet and 5% Exercise!! Good job Gibsons, it ain't an easy thing to do!! And yeah, whatever you like. Cat, Doo, Poo, Sno jet, Massey Ferguson, JD, etc. Just get out and ride!
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    Sicamous Missing Sledder

    Very sad, RIP fellow sledder. May your rides continue with epic cold smoke and wide open skies!!
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