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  • Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
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    I have no complaints about the trailer at all. Well maybe just one but it's minor. The front and rear door have springs for tension instead of cables, this makes the large rear door very heavy for lifting back up. The trailer is very well built so they can have the 7 year bumper to bumper warranty on it. Pulls perfectly straight and nicely finished. When I was looking for trailers I also looked at Triton and Featherlite. Chose the Charmac because of quality and it didn't hurt they are @ $1500-$2000 less. I would definately recommend them to anyone looking.
    Thinking aboat coming up north eah! in round 26th dont ya no eah! you frenchie's like deep snow looking four someone to ride with i want to try my new holtz.....
    how far up the mounting doo you have to drive. Any one seen any news snow ? how much at the cabin at boulder.
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