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    Yamaha mountain venom

    Dave McClure is who your talking about.
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    Why 75% of vehicles on roads may soon be zero-emission

    1 huge problem they keep forgetting is that most of the electric infrastructure is not capable of handling that demand yet. Perfect example is during the heat way people asked not to use their ac cause it could cause brown out. Now add a car charging at everyone’s house. Going to be even worse...
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    Riding near Leduc

    The north side of coal lake opposite the boat launch has a trail following the lake. Good for a couple hours of riding.
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    Wake shaper

    Built my own and works great. $40 vs couple hundred.
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    School me................deck mounted winches.

    With both my street bike and dike bike I just use a lifting sling around the pegs and to the winch line. Pull up by walking beside and balance the bike. Going down I just let out enough line to get the back wheel on the ramp then just walk the bike down will using the winch going out. That’s...
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    School me................deck mounted winches.

    I use mine like once a week and with the rope I don’t see any wearing on the deck. I have only changed the rope once just for peace of mind. Usually loading bike, snow bike, or jet ski. The only thing I will ride up the ramp is a sled. I have had the deck for 8 years
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    School me................deck mounted winches.

    I got the wireless kit for my truck boss. Best thing to have if your by yourself. It’s a 3500 and I have used it to pull a 49 Ford that had a locked up rearend on to the car trailer I was using. No problem pulling my dead 1100 onto the truck as well. Just make sure it’s a rope and not a cable...
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    Let's Talk...... Pressure Washers

    Got this one couple years now. Works great. Keep an eye out as it goes on sale for 499 once in a while. The foam cannon it comes with works awesome.
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    what do you camp in.

    Forest river vlite 30ft
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    wtf did you do now Yamaha.......

    I would clarify with local authorities first but in Alberta 2 or three wheel is classified as motorcycle. Class 6 required. It is even stated on the sling shot web page if look for demo. I ask as well when I want to demo one. Same for can am.
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    wtf did you do now Yamaha.......

    I believe it’s because it’s classified as a motorcycle. Requiring a class 6 and a helmet.
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    Milwaukee tools

    This thing is way better then any butane iron I have ever used.
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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2020 2021

    Found tons of untouched not far from the cabin at Allen. Rode their 2 days. 4” fresh and then a light crust and then 12”-18” of fresh underneath. Also ventured back to premier and found more untouched and lots of fresh there on Friday.
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    A write up found from the Skiier that passed away by Valemount recently

    It’s not just the inreach that does this. I had a similar problem with my spot when I had to use the sos. Any time it sent a signal it made my beacon give me false readings while searching after an avalanche.
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    Ckx titan helmet

    Had mine since they came out. Only cons are it gets a little warm. Might buy the air flow version they came out with that has better venting. And the other con is the foam on the googles get really hard if left in the cold. But they do soften up quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one...
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