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    couple vid's of som creek riding--

    really I'm just curious how I did that by riding in my back yard????
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    couple vid's of som creek riding--

    Just a fun day in some nearby creeks Behind the can-am through the creek - YouTube Riding under 95 Riding under 95 and chi ave - YouTube a mud hole for the polaris Polaris threw some sloppy mud - YouTube
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    Pa. NJ. De.

    motly trails but some mud and creeks to ride also ... message me if u want any more details also a great place in Elkton Md.
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    Need advice on what quad to buy

    Can-Am by far! Its better set up for 2 people n more power than enough even on a 650 . Not the tank without treads the polaris is and def. more comfortable on long rides No back pain !
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    Vacation: Galax Va,

    I'm off to Virginia the 31st to visit family n I'm for sure bringing my quad , does anyone know where to ride in that area ?
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    Pa. NJ. De.

    let me know if your around area
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    looking for a new wheeler

    I've only herd the sportsman is a little too much like a tank and is hard on your back through out the day. I just got an 09 outlander 650 that was priced well and is more quad than I could have ever expected :eek: Pulling 1300 lbs and a 3000lb winch It doesn't even struggle when I'm...
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    Outlander custom wheels

    I have a 400 ex that pony wheels fit on the back of very nicely I'm wondering if my 09 outlander can sport some kind of 4 lug car wheel. Has anyone else tried anything ?:Ponder:
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    Pa. NJ. De.

    Philadelphia --- behind airport on UPS road Chichester woods --- behind home depot off nammans ave NJ --- over Commodore Barry Bridge first right on 130 s 2 miles or so down on right "hard to enter " :headbanger:
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    Chambers Creek info

    Where exactly is that ?
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    what quad

    buy can am :d just expensive :(
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    Snorkel guards ?

    not sure of size just ordered it from mudindustries for my outlander
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    Snorkel guards ?

    Do they affect the intake so a quad will heat up too much or not breath right?
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    Help Purchasing New Quad!

    Can am all the way the power the 650 puts out is too perfect they make a 2 up version that has a 9 in longer wheel base, thousand or so bucks more but I ride the single version i'm almost 200lbs and i ride someone almost 200lbs on the back and we don't even touch each other. Rack is in perfect...
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