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    Question Enticer tailight wiring help

    Threw an old enticer seat/tank on my buddies old indy trail,just trying to wire up the tailight, i've found wiring diagrams that show the layout and colours but nothing saying whats positive,negative etc. the enticer wire has yellow , light blue and black, the indy has an orange, yellow and brown. The orange wire from the indy's harness is the for the brake light and best i can tell from the diagrams brake light is the light blue wire to the enticer tailight. Im assuming yellow to yellow brown to black but i dont wana go ahead and wire it up without knowing for sure. Anyone have experience with wiring either of these sleds and can give me some input on whats what.

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    Re: Enticer tailight wiring help

    Yellow is taillight, blue is brake light and black is ground.

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