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    Grave Flats & Cardinal River Current Condition?

    A big group of us are doing our annual Grave Flats trip next weekend. Likely going to do the Ruby Falls trail on Sat.

    Just wondering if anyone has been to the area and can advise on:
    -Condition of the road in (if it is passable or washed out in sections)?
    -How high the river is and if it would be cross able by ATV
    -Any other info on the condition of the area that we should know prior to the trip.

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    Re: Grave Flats & Cardinal River Current Condition?

    We just got back from there yesterday. Spent Monday till Sunday there. Road is pot holy as usual. Very wet every where. Cardinal and Ruby rivers are very high, fast and dirty. All the creeks are the same. Rained everyday for us. We tried getting into Cardinal Falls - but the snow is still very deep in the meadow towards the falls. Im sure it was snowing up top a few days when it was raining below. Bring dry firewood to get you started. Once the coals are going the wet stuff you cut will eventually burn. The nights were also very cool out. The mosquitos and bugs were out also in full force. Lots of people were camping there - the most I have seen in 10 years. Just about every spot had at least 1-8 campers. There was some big group camps.
    Since we couldn't ride a lot of the areas across the main rivers - we ended up exploring some new to us areas and still had a few days of good quadding. Fished Muskiki Lake and caught some nice trout. Hopefully mother nature will decide to bring out summer for you guys.

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