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    Re: Worst Drivers on HWY #1?

    I don't drive for a living but I have a 30' trailer behind me most days in the city working. Long stry short I keep the trailer in a storage facility and the one day I was backing the trailer into my stall and the way I do it is I back it up about 100' which is easier than driving around the trailer park. Whats funny is the guy beside has 2 semi and asked if I would like a job driving truck because he couldn't find anyone that could back up a semi and like the guy said earlier how did they get their licence.

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    Re: Worst Drivers on HWY #1?

    was out in Revy last weekend, drove out sunday night. On the way up the rogers pass we came to a stop, but there was very little traffic, I think just us and one other vehicle. A parks canada truck pulled out and had flashers on. Truck spun on a incline that wasn't very icy, could smell clutch for a long ways behind him. Chicky got out of the truck and waved us around in the slow lane. As we went by, the truck drive was still sitting there spinning his wheels, trying to catch some grip. Was suprised to see that it was spun out, as the roads were not bad at all in my mind.
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