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Thread: Need Help

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    Long lake Alberta

    Need Help

    Hay Guys, I always have "Two Foot ITIS"
    I have been looking for the Real thing but the Lake trails are narrow, this unit is 8 feet wide
    It's a late 80's I think model 130D 5700 hrs
    5 cyl Mercedes diesel
    Never been covered, you can see the Air in the Bogie tires
    Need opinions
    Or should I just run away

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    Re: Need Help

    Hi Don
    First I am a bombardier guy so limited knowledge of Piston Bullies
    i am guessing around $15,000.00 mark
    - How does it start up and does it blow smoke
    - will it drive straight without you steering it (a check for hydrostatic and pump pressures)
    - will it turn right then left in about the same radius turns (a check for hydrostatic and pump pressures)
    - tracks might ratchet on sprockets in summer grass - that could just be a track adjustment problem.
    - will it drive forward and then reverse and then forward smoothly or does it jerk into gear.
    - drive train is everything!!!!
    - cosmetics can be replaced or painted

    - need to look at what size of drag will you be pulling?
    -- you might need hydrolic steering assist on the rear of the cat. (Ram steering)

    I would ask myself first:

    - who or what type of company used it and for what work purpose.
    --- grooming okay but oil field and opening up ice roads - run away.
    --- what type of service could they do to maintain the groomer.

    - second - a look by costs to you
    - most expensive are rebuilding hydrostatic pumps and motors ($20,000.00) This system is the whole machine and most costly.
    --- unless you have a farm or shop facility experienced with hydrostats it is not something you can work on like hydrolics.
    - A Mercedes diesel is probably next most expensive - so how does it start and run and is it smoky. What kind of power when driving forward and reverse.
    - tracks and track belting. Look for cracks in the belting and around the bolts on the cleats. If tearing around the bolts not good. (Track belting is expensive and a summers job to rebuild the tracks)
    - cleats are only around $75.00 a cleat so a few broken cleats no big expense
    - it probably has an 8 way blade - up - down, left - right, curl up - curl down, tilt to right - tilt to the left, so check all functions
    --- if testing one operation does not work it could be a solinoid or relay. Are the hydrolics leaking?
    - lift cab and open control console - check wiring for rotting off connections and mice damage
    --- If little things do not operate it could just be old poor connections but mice damage can wreck everything.
    - the idler wheels or boogie wheels are around $600.00 with foam so check each idler for major cracking and flat spots.
    - the drive sprockets should have plastic all around the sprocket. If chucks of plastic missing the tracks have been ratcheting and broke off the plastic.

    - how is the glass all around. Chips cracks and broken windows.
    - interior of cab. Does everything work? Can you use it as is or do you need money to fix it up. Does it smell of mice!!!!run!!!
    - does it have 2 hydrolic circuits (4 connectors) at the rear for you drag

    Food for thought
    - do you have a dry place to park the groomer out of the weather to thaw out and to work on it?
    - can it be plugged into power for 6 hours before starting?
    - if broken down on trail can you get home and or access to the groomer on the trail.
    - Can you get personal insurance on an off-road equipment for crown lands with out a land leases.

    If you would like to discuss this more PM me and I will call you.
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    Re: Need Help

    Well MM you've scared the S. t out of me with your post, but it's exactly
    what I needed to know and hoped I would get here. It falls into several of your run away
    categories so it makes it easy to stay with my very simple to operate Geo.
    This show has always been on my Dime along with donations so I can't afford the Big Bill I see coming
    Many thanks

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