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    Re: Cataract Creek Snowmobile Trails offical thread 2016/17

    Quote Originally Posted by Sledderglen View Post
    This is the time of year government locks the gate. Seeing as they never opened them wonder if they will remember to lock them. May 1st should be locked up as per government regulations.

    lets hope for a controlled melt. Lots of snow back there again. Pray for a safe spring.
    Some must have been out to cataract with all the big snow and checked out how much and have pics

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    Re: Cataract Creek Snowmobile Trails offical thread 2016/17

    Just so you all are aware, Cataract Creek Snowmobile Trails are officially closed as of today. Given the closed regulations, the current government's focus on the eastern slopes, and the increased C.O. presence, it would not be advisable to be operating your sled at the Snow Vehicle P.L.U.Z. The Calgary Snowmobile Club has worked on behalf of all snowmobilers at this P.L.U.Z. for a long time now - intensely for five years now, grooming for two - and would like to maintain the great relationship that has been developed between the club and the government people. If you need to get on your snowmobile going forward, please do so by accessing Atlas in the Crowsnest Pass. I hear they have great snow still.
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    Re: Cataract Creek Snowmobile Trails offical thread 2016/17

    The seasons over but that doesn't mean that the club is done for the summer. Not this year. We have a few projects that we are working on. With the partnership of the backcountry fllod program we are hoping to put in a new bridge on Etherington Creek trail. First bridge out from the staging area. We are also improving our signage both safety and directional so we can our way back home at the end of the day. We also have a project that we cant release right now. Riders will be happy with this project.

    Trail passes for the season of 2017/18 are now available. If you want you can go to our website and click on join and fill out the form and I will get them to you right away. The Calgary Snowmobile Club website is www.calgarysnowmobileclub.net Be the first in your group to have your sled ready to ride early. Let the 2017/18 Alberta Snowmobile Association provincial trail pass and membership to the club be your first modification for your sled.

    Thanks for all the support riders
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