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    Indian Graves small Plane Wreck.

    The route to Indian graves plane wreck:
    - head south or north on hwy 22 and turn west onto hwy 532.
    - follow 532 west past willow creek camping, Johnson creek camping, and blue brona wilderness camp. park at the staging area just before the seasonal closure gate (N 50deg14.195' W 114deg22.224')
    - once you unload in the big gravel lot you will see a trail at the far west end heading into the woods. take this.
    - you will eventually turn south and approach a big steep cutline hill. at the top of it you will see a fallen tree across the trail. DO NOT TAKE THIS HILL. instead hang a right a keep heading west a couple hundred meters and take the next trail that leads south up hill
    (N 50deg13.886' W 114deg22.998'). this will bring you to the top of the first hill you bypassed with your quad in one piece.
    - head south on the cutline and ride the hills up and down.
    - at (N 50deg11.801' W 114deg21.910') you will enter a clearing with a trail running E-W. keep heading south.
    - at (N 50deg10.877' W 114deg21.494') you will enter a marshy clearing with a small pond on the east side. keep heading south.
    - at (N 50deg09.570' W 114deg21.120') you will see my yellow flag tape on two trees on the right (west) side of trail. turn in and the crash site is about 100 feet to the west.

    - Total distance is 6 miles one way.- bring your winch, and your puncture resistant hill climbing tires.Gps cords for plane crash?-plane-crash-3-jpgGps cords for plane crash?-plane-crash1-jpgGps cords for plane crash?-plane-crash2-jpgGps cords for plane crash?-cutline-view-jpgGps cords for plane crash?-gps-track-jpg
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    Re: Indian Graves small Plane Wreck.

    So make sure yall pick up your garbage big lets leave a plane wreck in the bush? Lol

    actually it's nice to see something like that left there. Cool to see.

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