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    Re: Revy and BC going to feel it if the BC Nazi/NDP shut down Trans Mountian

    I would willingly pay more for fuel in BC - shut the flow from Alberta to BC . Might see them sit up and pay attention at the coast if gas prices doubled. So sick of the greeny BS. There are protesters in favour of the pipeline down there but most actually go to work FFS

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    Re: Revy and BC going to feel it if the BC Nazi/NDP shut down Trans Mountian

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Brown View Post
    Nope just another lowly Albertan trying to make a living from the energy business. I'm sure glad that there is a whole lotta people in Alberta and BC fired up about this issue which is evident by the posts on this thread. If we all had your c'est la vie attitude it would be a lot worse then it is.
    Understand your anger. My company's business is heavily reliant on the KM Expansion project right now. We are looking at massive layoffs if the pipeline does not go ahead. I at times get real angry and shout "shut off the taps" then other times feel bad that there is acrimony between us and don't want that to happen. We cannot let the politicians divide us for their own personal gain. Let's not act like a mob at their urging. If I were to change my plans to go to BC (my son is going to College in Kelowna and we want to go visit him there) it would only be because I would be worried about not being welcome there. I think it would be best to ask our BC neighbors to lobby their politicians to fight the protesters and NDP. Asking for their help is better than threatening them, no one likes to be threatened and all BCers do not deserve to be penalized by our government because of the protesters.

    Having said that, it may come to that, as that may be the only avenue to get things moving. I really, really hope it does not come to that.

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    Re: Revy and BC going to feel it if the BC Nazi/NDP shut down Trans Mountian

    All you BC folks need to spread the word better. Talk to your friends, your business's and get active on social media. Let everyone know how badly sock boy has mishandled this whole deal so that pr...ck doesn't get voted in again next year. A lot of people voted for him because he was young and promised the world. I think its time we let the adults run the country again.
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    Re: Revy and BC going to feel it if the BC Nazi/NDP shut down Trans Mountian

    I like BC, and there ain't no NDP government going to stop me from visiting the awesome folks out that way.

    The trick is to hang with the every day good folks with like minded interests and avoid the ones that don't fit our needs.

    The majority of BC folks are hard working and good people just like many of us AB dudes.

    I agree,,, both of our home land Provinces have seen some changes we don't agree with,,, but deep down inside its nice to know that industry and environment both go hand in hand.

    I think we've done a ok job of this after seeing other country's around the world.


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