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    Re: Garmin Rino 650/750

    Quote Originally Posted by gdhillon View Post
    What kind of radios were they?
    Sounds like the Motorola 'talkabout' ones I bought for my kids for Christmas.

    If you are buying these thinking they are anything like a Rhino, you will be very disappointed.
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    Re: Garmin Rino 650/750

    Is anyone using the 655T model Rino? Comes with preloaded TOPO maps versus no TOPO maps on the 650 or 750. Almost bought a Garmin 62s yet these Rino's sound like champs if your friends have them too.
    Or is everyone using the preloaded base maps vs the TOPO's?

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    Re: Garmin Rino 650/750

    The 655 has the built in camera. Never heard of any reviews of it. Aside from having pre loaded maps which requires larger internal memory there are no other differences in the 650 vs 655T. The maps are US topo so most guys on this forum will not have a 655T.

    I find the camera option to be a bit of a waste myself as there are much better options like InReach they could have stuffed in the new 750 vs a camera in the 755.
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