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    Re: Missing Renshaw group.

    I have a Garman Inreach and have no issues with anything on that unit, that can be another topic for a thread.

    Getting back to this the missing sledders have been found and are Ok.

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    Re: Missing Renshaw group.

    Missing Renshaw group.glad to hear - anything that you can follow your tracks back out - I'm not saying that's what happened to this group

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    Re: Missing Renshaw group.

    Quoted from a post on FB .

    My wife says I have some explaining to do..lol..

    When we went out on Tuesday morning we played in the bowl by the cabin up at Renshaw. It started to clear off at noon so we dropped over the pass and went over the "drop of doom" and played there until 2:00 pm in UNBELIEVEABLE snow, and then decided to start back so we didn't get ourselves into trouble. As soon as we got to the top of the pass we ran into a HEAVY snowstorm and clouds..Visibility was about zero.

    I do not like driving in that stuff and we were losing our bearings so we followed a treeline down to the valley and decided to start making camp around 4:00 pm hoping it would still clear off yet so we could leave. We dug a 6 foot hole in a bunch of trees and cut some trees to cover the top and some dead trees to keep the fire going all night. It was relatively warm except we got a little wet lol. We rationed some jujubes among ourselves. I think we each got 4 for supper haha.

    When we poked out our heads in the morning there was 2 - 3 feet of fresh snow, and still no visibility. We waited until 10:30 and decided to try and poke our way up. We got stuck A LOT as we still couldn't see anything.

    We kind of knew where the pass was but it was still hard to see and there were huge cornice's and didn't want to run into those bad boys. Around 1:00 the sun started to poke through, so we kept working our way out. Suddenly we thought we saw 3 snowmobiles up on the ridge headed to the pass. Then BOOM the sun shone bright for about 1/2 an hour and we could SEE. It was funny, because when we got to the ridge there were no tracks. And as soon as we were out the visibility disappeared again. I think God had his angels showing us the way out.

    We got to the top, and ran into the search team. They guided us to the cabin and fed us and made sure we were ok.

    They are AMAZING. They had roughly figured out where we were located from tips from other sledders, and when work they are so methodical. It's impressive. A HUGE thank you to them for the job they do.

    When we got to the bottom we got to see 1/2 of Edson and Carrot Creek with food and drinks and welcomes! Donald and Daniel's brothers were there, and so many friends and neighbors, with many others prepping to come the next day.

    A couple things I should have done was taken my InReach. I got lazy/complacent. When I started riding I used to pack all that stuff - for just in case - but I rode with really experienced guys so I never needed it. If you go up make sure you bring an InReach or something, some matches, extra food, and an extra sweater if you can. I know it caused stress to our families but we did the right thing by not panicking, and tearing around and falling off a cliff or something. We were still having a good time, even though our families weren't.

    I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who reached out to our familes and offered their kindness and support. You are all wonderful people. To all the people who we didn't even know that were gearing up to come help look, you showed what I think the real Alberta Spirit is, strong, reliable, willing to help at the drop of a hat, looking out for others. Please don't ever lose that.

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    Re: Missing Renshaw group.

    Awesome news!!!
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    Re: Missing Renshaw group.

    Very good to hear everyone is safe .

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