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    The mornings are getting cooler and cooler...

    Canít help but notice that the mercury every morning so far this week (in central Alberta, that is) has been slowly getting lower and lower. Starting to get the itch for that first post of the mountaintops with a while gold dusting.

    Whatís the earliest mountain ride you all have done out there?? I donít think Iíll ever beat our record from two years ago... we tracked a weather system leading up to the weekend that was south of Valemount and thought weíd take a run at it. We woke up the early morning of Sunday Oct 22nd and headed west to chase a day of riding. Gates to Allen creek were just opened the day before. I was the skeptic of the group, and I have no problem admitting that.. driving through town at 7:30am it was raining and still 5 degrees. As soon as we got past down and dropped down into the valley the rain turned into big wet flakes that were accumulating on the highway. We were able to park just past the gates and went up the old trail to Allen creek cabin. We were pleasantly surprised with 80-100 cms of snow and, no surprise, the mountain to ourselves. Made our way back to Ol hill climb with grins on our faces (even were able to take live social media posts since there was service on the hill to prove to our other buddies we made it). The Ride down was not great for the last few km by that time the snow had melted but it didnít matter to us. Packed up and headed home after our ride with smiles and memories. I hope you all donít mind the story and feel free to share your own early first ride memories!

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    Re: The mornings are getting cooler and cooler...

    earliest ride was September 22...last year....

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