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    Intro and wtb engine

    Hey guys and gals.

    as the name says, i've only been riding for a couple of years. I used to ride passenger with a couple of buddies till i bought my firs beast.
    I ride a 750 Kawi brute force.
    Go figure, the quickest way to hurt my self was to buy a big machine. I've done ok thou. and have a couple of misshaps under my belt now, so i guess i'll be graduating from rookie soon.
    i like to ride whenever poss. mountains, mud skagg and ice.
    that's it for now.

    The reason i'm here is because a friend told me about this club and he also told me that i might be able to find parts for my kawi.

    I'm looking for an engine or a rolled/busted up quad with good engine.
    Warranty would not cover rebuilt.
    my machine is a
    '05 750i brute force

    anyone out there who can help would be appreciated
    The Rookie

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    Re: Intro and wtb engine

    Welcome to the site and please join in on some of the posts.
    (='.'=) www.sledbunnyracing.com
    14 X XM 163"
    14 SP XM 163"
    Albert "LOST" Beck - Rest In Peace

    Member of Team Slim

    MM9 + Golden BC Be There Or Be Square
    Thanks Everyone for their support

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    Re: Intro and wtb engine

    Hey Rookie if your interested in giving it a try, not scared of a little hp and have the money, there is a 100 hp kit for the brute force. Approx. kit cost is $4000.

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