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    Re: The Meaning of Sledding

    I have snowmobiled since 1965. It has always been something done with friends and family. We had a 1969 Nordic that I would drive pulling a giant metal sled with 3 or 4 buddies on through the drifts in the bull rushes by Telford Lake in Leduc. We would run that thing so hard it would quit from overheating. It would take about an hour but once you could turn it over, we would get it started and go again. I had a couple of sleds in between but it wasn't until I met my future wife that I did much riding as her family has a farm in the Grassland area. Lots of good local rides and some great cross country. I still have two of the three sleds I have owned as ditch bangers out there and there were others that just couldn't take it and died. Like me when I was young, my kids used to love being pulled round and round the farm yard on their GT Snow Racers (we still have 4 of those). Some days I would pull them up the hill for a toboggan ride and later for snow boarding.

    In 2012 I bought a new Summit and went to the Kakwa Wilderness area and that has opened a new chapter for me. Going into the beautiful alpine areas with some good friends has become pretty much my favorite winter thing. It is a fantastic way to get out and get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying what I think is some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. There is great camaraderie in this sport. It is a sport that has something for most everyone and maybe everything for some regardless of your stage in life.

    Snowmobiling has been a constant in my life since I was 11 years old and I find that I look forward to it more as I age rather than less. I guess I have a similar feeling about snowmobiling as I do for my oldest and closest friends.

    Now quadding is an entirely different kettle of fish

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