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    Ladies: what gloves are you wearing?

    Like the title says, looking for gloves for my significant other, want the best possible balance between fit (slender hands), warmth, and dexterity / grip. Be nice if they were somewhat water repellent. I've bought a lot of gloves over time, just haven't found the "holy grail". What do you like and why?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Ladies: what gloves are you wearing?

    We've gone thru afew pairs before the wife found some she likes.

    Currently she has the FXR womens Fusion glove for warmer days and a pair of the FXR womens Fusion mitt for when its colder. Her skinny fingers are always frozen even with the heated grips so she ends up wearing the mitts most of the time with one of those little heat packs stuffed in the outer knuckle-pouch.
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    Re: Ladies: what gloves are you wearing?

    Sara runs the True Adventure gear gloves with the big gauntlet on them and loves them. She also has a pair of the True Adventure Gear motocross style gloves. Both have been excellent for her.
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    Re: Ladies: what gloves are you wearing?

    My wife is using the divas gloves. She really likes them. Also has the motofist gloves. For cold days

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    Re: Ladies: what gloves are you wearing?

    I carry a pair of winter gloves,but 99%of the time I ware a pair of mechanic gloves with the protector pads,hands never seem to get cold with heaters on.

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