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    Ladies 🚺 dirt bike ride and BBQ -April 23

    This is awesome! we have a bit more interest I'm thinking it would be great to have a get together. Originally I was thinking BBQ at my place or even at a local pub depending on how many want to come. But then I started thinking about setting up a first trail ride instead.
    I propose April 23 (Saturday) we could get together around 9:30 am in Barrhead head another 30 min to Vega. Unload ( there will be help) and go for an easy ride. I know vega like I know the back of my hand and can help and or assist anyone who's having trouble. We can go to some areas that we could practice some techniques and some places where we can open up the throttle! After the ride come back to camp have a BBQ
    and then either head for a second ride or head home depending on how people are feeling.
    There is 100% no pressure,and no limit to riding ability. There will varying technical aspects to the ride but there's always a way around!

    Please contact me if you're interested!!

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